Great leaders don't leave communication to chance.

Proactively design a systematic process for transparent, impactful, and timely communication.

This CapstoneEDU learning module is designed to walk you through the steps toward the creation of a systematic process for communications that are more transparent, impactful, and timely. After assessing your current communication efforts, you'll define the scope of your new or revised communication plan, and then build the plan one element at a time. When employees know where to get information, they can be a more active, versus passive, receiver of information. When leaders consistently follow a well devised communication plan, trusting relationships can flourish.

Through this flexible and experiential approach to adult learning, you'll move through 4 Levels of Learning, broken down into 21 "missions" (. . . bite-sized learning followed by processing/practicing).

You determine your pace through the course. Our suggested timeframe is to complete the course over 30 days (e.g, 1 level per week).

Estimated course time commitments:

Level 1 - 4 Missions - 2.5-3.0 Hours

Level 2 - 5 Missions - 1.5-2.0 Hours

Level 3 - 7 Missions - 1.5-2.0 Hours

Level 4 - 5 Missions - 2.5-3.0 Hour

This course is packed with great instruction, as well as great resources/examples - and, a connection with other leaders also participating in the course.

Nursing Contact Hours: Attendee must attend the full presentations and pass the test to receive the Capstone Leadership Training completion certificate. Contact hours are awarded upon completion of the course. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing: Provider #16063. Approved for 8.0 Contact Hours.

Beginner or Advanced Learners: If you are new to leadership or to this content, you'll want to complete every mission in this course. If you are an experienced leader and/or maybe one that has adopted some or all of these tactics after participating in our live training or reading our book, The Employee Experience, you may find select the option to SKIP missions or practice activities that are ones you have already mastered in the past.

CapstoneEDU Course Category A: $200.00 one-time fee per enrollee for 2 years unlimited access to the current program and any updates made to the content in the 2 year access period.

When training a team of 10 or more, contact for special team pricing and team access to CapstoneEDU courses.

Jane McLeod, RN, MSN, and Sue Tetzlaff, RN, RHIA, MHA, FACHE, are the co-founders & principals of Capstone Leadership Solutions, a firm specializing in assisting healthcare leaders and their teams achieve extraordinary results (even award-winning!) while reconnecting to pride, purpose, and joy. Together they co-authored the book, The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance.

For more than a decade, Capstone’s experienced nurse strategists and coaches have assisted dozens of healthcare organizations to make vast improvements in patient care and workplace culture.

As healthcare transformation experts at Capstone Leadership Solutions, Inc. and the creators of The Framework for Achieving Great Results© and ASCEND™, we are excited to make these JUST START Solutions available – along with a proven 5-Step-Plan - in keeping with our company’s mission to inspire and equip healthcare organizations for positive change.

Quest Curriculum

  • 4 Levels
  • Coaching By Capstone
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Getting Started

    As you get started, you'll meet your new mentor and get connected with others in the course and check in on your motivation, mindset, and the "current state" of your communication efforts. An orientation overview video is also included in this level so you can get some quick wins (..."Just Start!")

  • Level 02

    Communication Plan Design - Part I

    You'll get familiar with your PLAN Worksheet, determine the scope of your plan (WHO the communication pertains to) and begin brainstorming WHAT information is wanted and needed.....and WHEN.

  • Level 03

    Communication Plan Design - Part 2

    Various communication tactics, or channels, will be explored so you can consider HOW to best communicate.

  • Level 04

    Wrapping Up

    Your ready to draft your Communication Plan! And then you'll wrap up by testing your knowledge, evaluating the course, and downloading your completion (CEU) certificate.

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