Foundations & Fundamentals for New Leaders

Jump starting the effectiveness of new healthcare leaders

New Leader eBoot Camp

This innovative eLearning & eCoaching program is specifically designed for those new to healthcare leadership.

Program Objective: To gain competence and confidence in the foundations and fundamentals of healthcare leadership, new leaders will gain insight and skills which can be immediately applied in the workplace as they:

  1. Learn, practice, and apply a set of leadership practices (aka “leadership bundle”) that will serve as the foundation for leading a great team and achieving great results,
  2. Apply the learning to their department’s specifically selected improvement opportunities &/or goals,
  3. Gain insight into the fundamentals of healthcare’s pillars of Finance, Growth, Service, & Quality/Safety and integrate the learning into their specific scope of responsibilities, and
  4. Transition successfully into their new leadership role and adopt tactics to continually advance their leadership competence and confidence

SEGMENT I: OVERVIEW (Suggested Timeline: 4 Months)

Core Learning & Action Assignments: Foundations & Fundamentals:

FOUNDATIONS for Leading a GREAT Team & Achieving GREAT Results

  • Building/Strengthening Relationships
  • Performance & Behavior Management
  • Strengthening Resiliency
  • Practicing Grateful Leadership
  • Timely & Transparent Communication
  • Hire Tough, Manage Easy
  • Achieving Goals & Leading Change


  • The Healthcare “Business” Fundamentals:
  • Leading Finance
  • Leading Growth
  • The Healthcare “Mission” Fundamentals:
  • Leading Quality/Safety/High Reliability
  • Leading Service Excellence (aka the Patient Experience)
  • Your Leadership Career Fundamentals:
  • Transitioning into Leadership (aka “From Bestie to Boss”)
  • Elevating your Leadership over time


SEGMENT II: OVERVIEW (Timeline: 2 months following Segment I)

Continued Coaching Support

  • Access to 1:1 and Remote Coaching
  • On Demand Access to Partner-Only Resources


SEGMENT III OVERVIEW: (Timeline: Ongoing)

On-Demand/Unlimited Access to: CapstoneEDU eLearning Courses (e.g., expanded/advanced leadership courses: Work Relationships that Work, Direct Dialogue, Grateful Leadership, Hiring/Onboarding, etc.)


1.   Recorded Webinar Trainings/Events, many with corresponding activities/resources

2.   1:1 Coaching (via CapstoneEDU)

3. Scheduled 1:1 Phone Coaching/Check-Ins

4. Networking with other leaders in the "Community"

5. Collaboration within a Closed Facebook Group (with additional LIVE/recorded events)

6.   Access to Additional Leadership eLearning Courses: CapstoneEDU

7.   On Demand Access to Partner-Only Resources via Restricted Website

Jane McLeod, RN, MSN, and Sue Tetzlaff, RN, RHIA, MHA, FACHE, are the co-founders & principals of Capstone Leadership Solutions, a firm specializing in assisting healthcare leaders and their teams achieve extraordinary results (even award-winning!) while reconnecting to pride, purpose, and joy. Together they co-authored the book, The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance.

For more than a decade, Capstone’s experienced nurse strategists and coaches have assisted dozens of healthcare organizations to make vast improvements in patient care and workplace culture.

As healthcare transformation experts at Capstone Leadership Solutions, Inc. and the creators of The Framework for Achieving Great Results© and ASCEND™, we are excited to make these JUST START Solutions available – along with a proven 5-Step-Plan - in keeping with our company’s mission to inspire and equip healthcare organizations for positive change.

Quest Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Capstone
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Getting Started & Connected

    Get started with an introduction to the program's content . . . and then taking the steps to get connected to other healthcare leaders and the program faculty.

  • Level 02


    Business (Finance and Growth), Mission (Quality/Safety & Service), & Career Fundamentals

  • Level 03


    Start the process of learning, and applying, the tactics in the "leadership bundle"

  • Level 04

    More Foundations

    Keep going in the process of learning, and applying, the tactics in your ever evolving "leadership bundle"

  • Level 05

    Wrap Up

    In this final level of the program, you'll be connected to the resources in Segment II/III for ongoing learning, networking, and coaching. As well, you'll evaluate the program and receive your course completion certificate.

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