Master Feedback That Fuels Performance and Results

Muster the Will and Master the Skill of Direct Dialogue

Could you imagine the coach of a championship team not providing feedback to the players? You would likely agree that frequent high quality feedback is required for individuals and teams to reach peak performance.

"Direct dialogue" from a leader is truly just a conversation, or a series of conversations. Even though leaders have a lifetime of experience in conversing, it is with regular frequency that leaders reach out to us for advice on what to say to their employees.  

As well, you don’t have to be a leader for very long to notice that there is variation in how employees behave, perform, and contribute. Providing individualized feedback, positive or corrective, is a key skill to master when you are leading a diverse team toward achieving great results.

And what we learned through coaching hundreds of leaders in this skill is that providing feedback is not just about mastering the skill, but developing the courage (....we call this "mustering the will") to have these conversations.

Some feedback will be more formal, such as annual performance evaluations. Yet, most feedback can be (and should be!) delivered in day-to-day conversations. This course will explore a leadership tactic we term “Direct Dialogue." Through this course, you will master these Direct Dialogue conversations: The Compliment and Call-Out (Informal Daily Direct Dialogue) as well as Positive Coaching and the 5-Point Correction Conversation (Formal Direct Dialogue). We've also included our best advice on scheduled formal feedback in the format of Annual Evaluations and Mid-Year Conversations.

Course Objective: Muster the will and master the skill of effective feedback tactics that fuel performance and results.

Target Audience: All levels of healthcare leaders with any level of responsibility, education or experience

Target Audience: All levels of healthcare leaders with any level of responsibility, education or experience.

Learners without direct responsibility to “hire, fire, discipline, evaluate” employees. While all the content in this course is available to you, we recommend you focus primarily on the training provided in Levels 1, 2, 3, 9 & 10 of this course. If you are in “succession planning” or seeking a role that requires the direct management of employees, then you’ll likely want to complete all levels of this course. You can always return to the course later when the other tactics in this course would be valuable to your leadership position.

Leaders with direct responsibility for managing employees. You'll likely want to complete every mission in this course.

Advanced learners: If you are an experienced leader and/or maybe one that has adopted some or all of these tactics after participating in our live training or reading our book, The Employee Experience, you may select the option to SKIP specific practice activities that are ones you have already mastered in your leadership.

Senior Leaders/Human Resources: You'll likely want to complete every mission in this course. We encourage you to also consider how this content could be “adapted and adopted” for use throughout your entire organization.

Time Commitment: The estimated time to complete the entire program and the related activities is 16 hours. Creating new habits, such as providing regular feedback, requires an investment in learning and an investment in practicing what you learn. A majority of time spent to complete this course will be in planning, practicing, and processing what you learn. Some learning and practice activities can be completed while not at work; other activities are to be performed while at work. You can adjust the course duration to meet your specific needs. As well, we encourage you to engage a “mentor” to assist you with some of the activities within this course.

Course Content: This CapstoneEDU course includes 25 videos (most are less than minutes in length) and 30 downloadable worksheets and resources.

CapstoneEDU Course Category B: $400.00 one-time fee per enrollee for 2 years unlimited access to the current program and any updates made to the content in the 2 year access period.

When training a team of 10 or more, contact for special team pricing and team access to CapstoneEDU courses.

Jane McLeod, RN, MSN, and Sue Tetzlaff, RN, RHIA, MHA, FACHE, are the co-founders & principals of Capstone Leadership Solutions, a firm specializing in assisting healthcare leaders and their teams achieve extraordinary results (even award-winning!) while reconnecting to pride, purpose, and joy. Together they co-authored the book, The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance.

For more than a decade, Capstone’s experienced nurse strategists and coaches have assisted dozens of healthcare organizations to make vast improvements in patient care and workplace culture.

As healthcare transformation experts at Capstone Leadership Solutions, Inc. and the creators of The Framework for Achieving Great Results© and ASCEND™, we are excited to make these JUST START Solutions available – along with a proven 5-Step-Plan - in keeping with our company’s mission to inspire and equip healthcare organizations for positive change.

Quest Curriculum

  • 10 Levels
  • Coaching By Capstone
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Introduction and "The Why"

    Get inspired to "just start!"

  • Level 02

    Muster the Will

    Consider your current appetite for delivering feedback to employees and tactics for "mustering the will."

  • Level 03

    Informal: Compliments & Call-Outs

    Complimenting may seem easy, but it often isn't constructed and delivered in an impactful way. Increase the impact of your compliments. And when behavior or performance is not in keeping with standards, master the skill of a "call-out."

  • Level 04

    Positive Coaching

    Coaching is actually a positive form of feedback, when done right. Develop a "spirit" and the skill for positive coaching.

  • Level 05

    Correction (Part I)

    Employees who chronically behave or perform at the lowest levels are having an impact on others, and results. Muster the will and master the skill to deliver the 5-Point Correction Conversation.

  • Level 06

    Correction (Part II)

    Make final preparations and actually deliver a 5-Point Correction Conversation.

  • Level 07

    Formal: Annual Evaluations

    Employees and leaders agree that often these aren't worth the time. Learn how to gain more "return on investment" for time spent preparing for, and engaging in, annual evaluations.

  • Level 08

    Formal: Mid-Year Conversations

    Positive coaching (from Level 4) can be a scheduled formal conversation powerfully placed mid-year. Like a coach in a locker room at half time - you've got to know what to say to motivate your team to keep going.

  • Level 09

    Maintain the 3:1 Ratio

    The work culture is impacted by feedback. Make it a positive impact. Assess for this quarterly and correct your approach as needed.

  • Level 10

    Wrap Up

    The course quiz, evaluations, and certificate of completion wrap up this course.

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  • Kris Allen, Chief Nursing/Operating Officer

    Mastering Direct Dialogue drives changes!

    ""I have used Direct Dialogue solutions for almost five years and continue to learn and strengthen my skill. As a senior leader in my organization, I continue to have leaders asking for support on how to have those "difficult" conversations. The layouts of these conversations are just awesome when preparing to give feedback that is impactful.""

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